The first three parts of the Reference section provide information to visitors looking for answers to specific questions related to veterinary neurology. For example, suppose you have a pet with degenerative myelopathy. You might begin your research by looking up the definition in the Glossary. For further information on the disease, a link will direct you to Medical Pamphlets (in progress) written by the doctors at the Veterinary Neurological Center. Other links (below the definition) offer additional aid by revealing articles from veterinary reference websites. Now you may have a good overview of degenerative myelopathy, but are wondering how the spinal cord and neurons are related to the brain and the rest of the nervous system. These answers can be found in the Nervous System and Neuroanatomy drop downs of the Neurology Overview.

The final three parts of the Reference section focus on topics specific to the Veterinary Neurological Center. FAQ’s answer many common client questions and concerns. Geared toward veterinarians, NeuroNews (a quarterly postcard circulated to our referring veterinarians) and the VNC Case Study discuss current topics, events and cases related to veterinary neurology and the VNC.