For over 35 years, the Veterinary Neurological Center has been providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with neurological disorders, such as seizures, back pain and limb weakness/paralysis. Led by a team of board-certified neurologists and neurosurgeons, the entire staff of the VNC is dedicated to providing the very finest service to each client, pet, and the veterinarians who refer them. Every pet is special and deserves the same uncompromised quality of medical care as any other beloved family member.

4 BOARD-CERTIFIED NEUROLOGISTS: A veterinary neurologist is a veterinarian who undergoes further education and training in order to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Those who complete additional testing become board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).
EXPERIENCE: With over 45 years combined experience at the VNC, more than 30,000 cases seen, and the ability to collaborate in real time with one another, our four staff veterinary neurologists are uniquely prepared to diagnose and treat all forms of neurologic disease.
ADVANCED TRAINING: Our neurologists stay at the forefront of medical neurology and neurosurgery through continual advanced training and education, as well as rounds and research. Our neurosurgeons have met the additional requirements to receive the ACVIM Neurosurgery Certificate of Training. During any diagnostic or surgical procedures at the VNC, each patient experiences minimal anesthesia times to ensure smooth recovery.
GENUINE CARE: With state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, 24-hour care and a devotion to each patient’s unique needs, our team members are dedicated to caring for every patient like their own.
STAND-ALONE HOSPITAL: The VNC is a stand-alone neurology hospital that does not share space and equipment with other specialties. This ensures each patient has staff and equipment dedicated to his/her special needs.

ALL IMAGING EQUIPMENT IS NOT EQUAL: Detecting subtle abnormalities is vital for the accurate diagnoses and best patient outcomes. The VNC’s advanced CT (GE Lightspeed 8-Slice) and MRI (1.5 Tesla GE TwinSpeed) scanners are operated by skilled imaging technologists to provide superior imaging resolution.

CUSTOMIZED STUDIES FOR EACH PATIENT: As images are acquired in real time, board-certified neurologists collaborate with experienced MRI technologists to tailor protocols to each patient.

TEAM APPROACH: The doctors’ collaboration and experience with one another on each case along with the support from a dedicated and skilled team of technicians and client service representatives helps ensure the very best service to each client, patient and the veterinarians who refer them.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Our highly trained and attentive team adheres to systems that detect problems before they occur, and ensures the smallest details do not slip through the cracks.

CONVENIENT SCHEDULING: With our team of three veterinary neurologists, convenient Saturday appointments, and the ability to see emergency appointments on the same day, our client service representatives assist clients in scheduling appointments and procedures that fit into their lives and are timely for the pet’s well-being.

24/7 VETERINARIAN CONSULTATIONS: Our neurologists are also available for consultations with refering veterinarians 24/7 to assist with their patients’ healthcare.

EASY ACCESS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE VALLEY: The VNC is located just south of Sky Harbor International Airport (right off the 40th Street exit and I-10). Our central location and close proximity to several major highways allows for relatively short travel times from all parts of the Valley.

To learn more about how the VNC’s services can help your pet, please contact us. To view our referral process, click here.