Shado 1The front office staff were very cordial and helpful. They knew exactly why we were there and how to help us with our pet, just getting in the front door. Dr. Plummer anticipated many of our questions and was helpful when we did ask any. We felt our dog was in good hands.

Eugene & Brenda C. and "Shado"

BiancaThe team saved my dog’s life, and went above & beyond to help us find a way to pay for emergency surgery. Everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Robert & Dereka E. and "Bianca"

Deli GonzalesI was very pleased with the service and treatment that Deli received from Dr. Stainback at the VNC. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in her explanations regarding Deli’s epilepsy. One of the main things I appreciated was that she did not push additional treatments. She wanted to make sure those additional treatments were necessary before moving in that direction. Of course, if they are needed, then they are needed, but I appreciate the caution given the impact of additional treatments to my pet’s health.

Rick & Shelley G. and "Deli"

Lucy AnnettProfessional expertise delivered with a genuine caring approach. Dr. Plummer afforded our Little Lucy expert diagnoses and treatment and patiently answered our many questions and concerns. All front desk staff support the deserved fine reputation of VNC.

Douglas & Kathleen A. and "Lucy"

Screen Shot 2016 11 15 at 3.48.26 PMI have had my share of visiting veterinary specialists over the years with my dogs and have to say, this was not only the best but also the most rewarding visit I have ever had. Dr. Plummer is a truly phenomenal physician. I was pleased to see him first rely on his assessment/exam skills prior to just ordering a broad net of tests to arrive at his diagnosis. Not only did this save us money but, most importantly, it saved my dog from the discomfort of undergoing a lot of testing to arrive at the same treatment decisions that could be made by an adept diagnostician. Thank you Dr. Plummer, I know you already know this but you saved my dogs life that day!

Jim M. and "Bella Rose"

image1Dr. Knowles is a great combination of smart and down to earth good person. She relates with us "parents" and our critters wonderfully. She predicted that my dog’s spinal deformity was essentially a birth defect with no neural implications before the MRI comfirmed! I am happy that it turned out to be a relative non-issue and will definitely return if we need her help.

Rebecca K. and "Kimo"

Lucy BugsyDr. Knowles and the entire staff were so very attentive to our dog’s and our needs, and they listened to our comments, utilizing our family as a valid source of observations about our dog’s behavior and progress. A crippling condition was quickly diagnosed, the proper testing and medication administered … and our dog was back to being a happy-go-lucky silly creature within days of treatment. When you get to the point that you are taking your dog to a Neurological Center, you know that things have become serious, and you are worried about your dog’s health and future life. It’s good to know that there is a place like this, where expert help and compassion are on-tap and flowing. Thank you all so very much!

Richard & Abby B. and "Lucy"

remiWhen we brought Remi in he was in pain with a ruptured disc. Paperwork was minimal and Remi was examined right away by Dr. Plummer. After an MRI he was immediately taken into surgery. Dr. Plummer and the staff kept us informed about Remi’s progress and answered all of our questions about the surgery, his prognosis and his rehabilitation. Remi is doing very well and now even sprints for short distances. In a few more weeks he will probably be able to return to his normal activities. We want to thank Dr. Plummer and the staff for the great care Remi received.

Bob & Donna J. and "Remi"

BellaWonderful, caring and knowledgable staff. Great communication (even when I tend to over communicate). Even our Neurologist, Dr. Knowles, spent so much time talking to me on the phone and trying to get test results back quickly for me, to save us a trip back. The staff encourages me to call in with updates. The office visit was not rushed and was very thorough. It’s hard to get bad news about a pet, but everyone has been so helpful in our Bella’s care.

Toni M. and "Bella"

ChowderYou guys are amazing and Dr. Knowles went above and beyond for us! You all clearly know what you’re doing and that was so reassuring to us during our stressful time.

Sarah W. and "Chowder"