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abducens nerve

Cranial nerve VI; motor neuron controlling the lateral rectus muscles (lateral eye movement) and retractor bulbi muscles (retraction of the eyeball).


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cranial nerves ;  lateral  ;  motor neuron


Premature degeneration of tissues or organs potentially leading to loss of function; applied especially to hereditary diseases of late onset.

Related Words

degeneration  ;  disease


A localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the disintegration of tissues usually from infection.  It is a defensive reaction by the body’s immune system to prevent the spread of infectious or foreign materials (e.g. bacteria, parasites, splinters) to other parts of the body.

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bacteria  ;  infection  ;  parasite  ;  pus

absence seizure

A generalized seizure characterized by a brief loss of conciousness with a specific EEG pattern; uncommon in animals.

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electroencephalography (EEG)generalized seizurepetit mal seizureseizure 

accessory nerve

Cranial nerve XI; controls swallowing movements.

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cranial nerves

acetylcholine (Ach)

A cholinergic neurotransmitter in the central and autonomic nervous systems; it has many functions, including playing an important role in memory and as a stimulatory neurotransmitter which causes muscles to contract when released from nerves.

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autonomic systemcentral nervous system (CNS)cholinergicnerveneurotransmitter

acoustic neuroma

A benign tumor of the myelin forming cells, called Schwann cells, of the vestibulocochlear nerve resulting in hearing loss.

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benignmyelinSchwann celltumorvestibulocochlear nerve


action potential

The electrical signal which rapidly propagates along the axon of nerve cells as well as over the surface of some muscle and glandular cells and leads to stimulation of desired effect.  It is the result of a change in flow of ions across the membrane due to voltage-activated ion channels.


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axon  ;  ion  ;  neuron

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