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A clot or other type of material (e.g. air, tumor cells, bacteria) carried by the blood in a blood vessel and forced into a smaller blood vessel resulting in an obstruction in circulation.


Inflammation of the brain.

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brain  ;  inflammation


Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.


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brain  ;  inflammation  ;  spinal cord


Any disease of the brain.

Related Words
brain  ;  disease


The layer of epithelial cells that lines internal body structures such as the heart cavities, blood and lymph vessels, and some glands.

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blood  ;  epithelium


An increased ability to see certain tissues after the injection of contrast material in the blood stream during  imaging procedures, e.g. X-ray, CT or MRI. 

Related Words

computed tomography (CT) ; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ; x-ray


Posterior displacement of the eyeball into the bony orbit.


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Chronic brain disorder of various etiologies (i.e. causes or origins of the disease) characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. 

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brain  ;  disease  ;  seizure


A hormone synthesized in the adrenal medulla and released into the bloodstream during fight-or-flight response: stimulates muscle contraction of arteries and capillaries, increases blood pressure, stimulates the heart muscle, accelerates the heart rate, and increases cardiac output; also called adrenaline.

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adrenal gland  ;  norepinephrine

epiphysis cerebri

See pineal gland.

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pineal gland

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