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The spin of protons around the axis of a magnet.



A substance from which another substance is formed, e.g. dopamine is a precursor to epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Related Words

dopamine  ;  epinephrine  ;  norepinephrine


Situated proximal to a ganglion; often used to describe autonomic nerve fibers in such a location.

Related Words
autonomic  ;  ganglia  ;  proximal


Period of time immediately before a seizure, during which a change in behavior may occur.

Related Words
ictus  ;  seizure


The prospect for recovery from a disease based on the signs and nature of the case.

Related Words

disease  ;  sign


Ability to sense relative position and movement of limbs.


proprioceptive deficits

Abnormal proprioception; inability to sense relative position of limbs.

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Simplest type of organism in the animal kingdom; unicellular eukaryotic (have nucleus) organisms that range in size from submicroscopic to macroscopic; most are free-living but many are parasitic. 

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Toward the point of attachment or origin.


psychomotor seizure

See complex seizure.

Related Words
complex partial seizure

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