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grand mal seizure

See tonic-clonic seizure.

Related Words

tonic-clonic seizure



Focal collection of inflammatory cells (usually macrophages) that typically arise in response to infection or immune stimulation in an attempt to isolate ("wall off")  an irritant when unable to remove it; likely having an immune-mediated origin.

Related Words

immune-mediated disease ; infection ; inflammation

granulomatous meningoencephalitis (GME)

A tumor-like mass of granulation tissue caused by chronic inflammation of the meninges and brain due to infection

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Related Words

brain ; chronic ; granuloma ; infection ; inflammation ; meninges ; tumor


Convoluted ridge on the outer surface of the brain caused by infolding of the cerebral cortex and bound by sulci.

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Related Words

brain ; cerebral cortex ; sulcus

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