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motor neuron

A nerve cell that conducts action potentials away from the central nervous system and innervates effector organs (muscle and glands); it forms the ventral roots of the spinal nerves; also called an efferent neuron or motoneuron.

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action potential ; central nervous system (CNS) ; efferent ; innervation ; motoneuron ; nerve ; nerve root ; ventral

motor unit

Composed of the motor neuronaxon → muscle fibers. 

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axon  ;  fiber  ;  motor neuron

muscular dystrophy

A group of congenital muscle diseases in which muscle fibers are unusually susceptible to damage and become progressively weaker.  The most common types of muscular dystrophies are due to a genetic deficiency of the muscle protein dystrophin.

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congenital  ;  disease  ;  fiber


Muscle pain.


myasthenia gravis

An autoimmune disease that affects the neuromuscular junction, interrupting the communication between nerve and muscle, thereby causing muscle weakness.

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The lipid substance coating the axons of certain neurons; formed by neuroglial cells: oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells; enables action potentials to travel faster while using less energy.


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action potential ; axon ; neuralgia ; neuron ; oligodendrocytes ; Schwann cell


Inflammation of the spinal cord.

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inflammation  ;  spinal cord


Diagnostic procedure in which contrast material is injected into the spinal subarachnoid space allowing visualization of the spinal cord and nerve roots.  

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Any disease affecting the spinal cord.

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disease  ;  spinal cord

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