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head pressing

Persistent pushing with the head against a fixed object; often a sign of brain disease.

Related Words
brain  ;  disease

head tilt

Viewing from the front, the head appears tilted to one side; often a sign of vestibular disease.

Related Words

vestibular disease

heavy metal toxicity

Metallic elements with high atomic weights; a common hazardous waste; can damage organisms at low concentrations and tends to accumulate in the food chain, e.g. lead, iron.

Related Words


Cancer formed by proliferation of endothelial and fibrobastic (connective) tissue, typically involving highly vascular organs such as the spleen or liver.

Related Words

cancer ; endothelium ; liver ; sarcoma ; vascular

hematocrit (HCT)

See packed cell volume (PCV).


Related Words
packed cell volume (PCV)

hemifacial spasm

Persistent contraction of the facial muscles on one side; often due to chronic disease of the facial nerve.


Related Words
disease  ;  facial nerve


Partial loss of voluntary movement in the limbs on one side of the body.



Complete loss of voluntary movement in the limbs on one side of the body.



Profuse loss of blood from a ruptured blood vessel; bleeding.

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hepatic microvascular dysplasia

Condition caused by the undervelopment or absense of the microscopic vessels within the liver; leads to liver atrophy and the inability to process toxins or make necessary proteins; also called portal atresia.

Related Words

atrophy  ;  liver  ;  toxin

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