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Having a rapid onset and relatively severe course.



Malignant tumor derived from glandular tissue.


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carcinoma  ;  malignant  ;  tumor

adrenal gland

One of the pair of endocrine organs located near the cranial pole of the kidneys.  Each is composed of two parts, an outer cortex and an inner medulla.  It is primarily involved in production of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine.

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Related Words

epinephrine  ;  kidney


See epinephrine.


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Activated by, characteristic of, or secreting epinephrine or related substances, particularly referring to the sympathetic nerve fibers that liberate norepinephrine at a synapse when stimulated by a nerve impulse.

 Related Words

epinephrinenervenorepinephrinesympathetic division ; synapse


Sensory pathway proceeding toward the central nervous system from the peripheral receptor organs.

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central nervous system (CNS)peripheral nervous system (PNS)

agent analyzer

A medical device used to measure the inspired and end tidal anesthetic agent (e.g. isoflurane, sevoflurane) concentration of the blood. Infrared light at a particular wavelength is shone through a gas sample and the absorption is proportional to the anesthetic vapor concentration. The end tidal level is very close to the arterial level and it reflects the depth at which a patient is anesthetized.


A protein in the blood produced by the liver which is responsible for the maintenance of osmotic (water) pressure in the blood; binds to large molecules in the blood and serves to transport them.  Measuring serum albumin levels is a common test in a chemistry panel.


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blood  ;  chemistry panel  ;  liver  ;  serum


Almond-shaped groups of neurons located within the temporal lobes of the brain; part of the limbic system, it plays an important role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions.

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brain ; limbic system ; neuron ; temporal lobe


Absence of pain to noxious stimulation.


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